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Interior Design Photos | Fabulous Home Decor Ideas

Interior Design Photos | Fabulous Home Decor Ideas
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Living room – Wikipedia

A California tract home living room, with a kitchen behind a permanent space divider, 1960

In Western architecture, a living room, also called a lounge room (Australian English[1]), lounge (British English[2]), or sitting room (British English[3]), is a room in a residential house or apartment for relaxing and socializing. Such a room is sometimes called a front room when it is near the main entrance at the front of the house, it is also known as drawing room. In large formal homes, a sitting room is often a small private living area adjacent to a bedroom, such as the Queen’s Sitting Room and the Lincoln Sitting Room of the White House. The term living room was coined in the late 19th or early 20th century.


In homes that lack a parlour or drawing room, the living room may also

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Bachelor of Interior Design – Yorkville University

Online Start Dates: January, April, July, October
On-Campus Start Dates: January, April, July, October
Program Length: 3 years (4-year degree equivalent) of continuous enrolment


The Bachelor of Interior Design is a CIDA accredited and ARIDO recognized program offered online and on-campus. The program’s practitioner oriented and skills-based approach equips students with the skill required to become an interior designer and launch a rewarding career in a growing and competitive marketplace.

About the Program

The Bachelor of Interior Design offers students the opportunity to connect, collaborate, innovate and inspire the physical world around them through design. Designed for creative minds with a passion for aesthetics and function, the program lays the foundation to creating beautiful, practical, healthy and safe interior spaces. Students will learn to apply critical, analytical, and technical skills in high level design processes while gaining expertise in the latest technical and digital media. Students

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How to Mix Multiple Rugs In The Same Room + A Roundup

Image Source

There are certain design dilemmas I’ve been in denial of for a while – mostly because the answer is super tricky. But, after thinking, staring, pinning and of course shopping I’ve finally figured out how to mix two rugs in a shared space and have furthermore provided you with 20 pretty darn good pairs (that are EHD approved).

Let’s start with the easiest option –

Use the exact same solid or simple rug, TWICE. Duh.

Emily Henderson Mixing Rugs9
Image Source

This is a conservative, safe and yet totally classic and acceptable option. I didn’t round this one up for you because you simply double your order and you have succeeded in this look. You can also mix two solid rugs in different colors very easily in the same room. That’s just a matter of choosing both in your color palette.

The rest of the combinations are trickier. Let’s keep going shall

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27 Stunning Exterior Door Design Ideas

Today we will be looking into exterior door design ideas, after all, they’re the welcoming point to your home. Our team has researched front door entrance design for houses and came up with unique front entry doors to show to you in a nicely put gallery. Perhaps you are now used to seeing modern front double door designs for houses, but what if we tell you there are ways to adapt and otherwise plain single wooden door to create a beautiful entrance for your home? Great designs are waiting for you to see, especially when it comes to appealing colors, and shapes alike. Some of these exterior door design ideas are suitable for you to create a sort of magical entrance to your home. The main door design for a modern home is now thought of as the more posh and clean cut option, but there is certainly a charming

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The Most Amazing Video Game Room Ideas to Enhance Your Basement | Home Remodeling Contractors

Best Video Game Room Ideas - Sebring Services

Harry Lim Photography

4. Themed Game Room

One of the reasons why we highly recommend you use an entire room as a gaming center is the design freedom you get. Since it is your personal space, you can pretty much design it in any way you want. If you want to really personalize the space and create the best gaming atmosphere, choose the right theme.

Most gamers use their favorite games to theme their video game rooms. You can go vintage and create a Super Mario themed room with elements from the first Mario games released in the 1980s. If you are crazy about racing games, deck out your game room in all the racing posters and paraphernalia you can get your hands on. Same goes if you love swords, fighter jets games and sports games.

Some go beyond gaming to theme their rooms after their favorite movies. So if

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Architecture and Design Magazines

Magazine offers resources for the architecture professional, including industry news, market intelligence, business and technology solutions, continuing education, a building products database.

Architect’s Newspaper
Source of information on the latest projects and commissions, unfolding politics and debate, current events and cultural developments related to architecture.

Architectural Record
Editorial mix of design ideas and trends, building science, business strategies, exploration of key issues, news products and computer-aided practice.

Architecture Plus
Dubai-based leading region’s architecture and design magazine.

Architecture Week
Magazine of design and building, with news and features on architecture, construction, digital media, and building culture.

Archi Times & A+I
Monthly publication from Pakistan, covering the current news, events and latest happenings in the field.

Daily newsletter with architecture, design and construction news stories from around the world.

Architecture and design magazine featureing today’s most creative projects as well as the most influential of the past.


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Acrylic Letters Logos Plastic Signs Wall Lettering Plexiglass Logos Metal Signs interior exterior

Nava Signs specializes in acrylic, aluminum, and plastic letters for wall signs, directional signs, restroom signs, company business name and logo school name hotel suit and room numbers in any font and size. Design acrylic letters online with our acrylic letter designer and order in seconds, or send us your logo hundreds of fonts to pick from, design online.


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Acrylic signs

  • Individually-cut acrylic letters
  • Plexiglass letters and logos
  • Acrylic sign faces with decals

Aluminum signs

  • Brushed aluminum letters
  • Metal faces with acrylic logos
  • Aluminum business logos

Plastic signs

  • Colored PVC sign letters
  • CNC specialty logos
  • HDU & other materials

Acrylic letters and logos

Many metal styles, plexiglass colors, and acrylics to choose from. By using lightweight plastic-core materials with aluminum overlays, your letters remain lightweight

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Studio 7 Interior Design

I’m thrilled to be sharing my new dining room with you today.  We moved into our “new-to-us” home this past summer.  One of the rooms I was most excited about was a formal dining room.  I know these rooms are on the out with most new builds, but for me this was one of the top three things I needed in a home.  I grew up with the best memories around dining tables.  I remember holiday and Sunday dinners with extended family and friends.  I knew in this stage of life my family is in I wanted this room to hopefully create the same special memories I had for my own children.

So you can imagine how my creative juices just came flowing to me for this room the minute we got the keys.  This was the first room I wanted to design, and what a joy it was to

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Living Rooms with Chandelier Ideas

Welcome to our picture gallery of living rooms and dining rooms with chandelier ideas. The living room is typically the most important room in anybody’s home. That’s the place where we all love to hang out, relax and entertain, whether we’re alone or in company of friends or family. A living room that’s well put together should be well organized, comfortably furnished and beautifully decorated. It should also be well-lit.

living room chandeliers

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Lighting design is an important part of living room planning. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing lights for your living room. Opting for a fancy chandelier is probably the best way to go – it’s a great source of ambient lighting and it can be a great accent piece in the center of your living space.

There are many designs to choose from when shopping for

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