Architectural Design – Custom Residential

Our Firm

We started Thunder Mill Design in 1993 as a design/build firm, offering both architectural design services as well as a full complement of contracting.  We started our firm with a great love of houses and the people and creatures who inhabit them.  My husband and I come from broad backgrounds including Japanese temple carpentry, NYC book publishing, and architectural apprenticeships.  After completing our graduate degrees in architecture in the early 90s, we pursued experience in the architecture field taking us from custom homes to top notch medical facility design.  We now specialize in residential design and focus our work on architectural services.   We invite you to browse through our web site where you’ll find many examples of our designs, large and small, which we hope will inspire you to embark on your own dream.  We are here to help you on that journey, and welcome you to contact us for an initial discussion about how we can help make your architectural project come to life.  

We create spaces that are beautiful and individual, with attention to detail and efficiency.  We are committed to providing the highest quality architectural services to a variety of clients from New England to Florida.  Please take a look at our work to see if we can be of service.

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