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Furniture and decor ideas for your small living room

Living in a tiny apartment doesn’t have to suck. You can complain about a lack of closet space. And floor space. And probably even less kitchen space. But complaining alone will get you nowhere; you need to be crafty to make the best of a small situation. If your living room is smaller than you’d like, you just need to be smart about design choices to make the space feel homey and large.

You might want a giant TV, but a tiny living room looks silly when half the room is a screen. The same goes for a coffee table. You might want a large, glass coffee table as the focal point for your living space, but it’ll likely eat up too much space. Learn to compromise within your apartment size! Here’s some inspiration to do things right.

An Appropriately Sized

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Real Life Decorating

Whether you’re moving into a new home or updating a single room, you’ll find inspiration here. See color schemes, paint techniques, and window treatments to fit your life and your style.

Make your bed, literally, with these four unique headboard-decorating ideas that will suit an existing bedroom décor or inspire a new one.

See one example of how wall décor transformed a dining room into a vibrant living space, and put these decorating ideas to work in your home.

From country-French to traditional swags, Katrin Cargill knows window treatments. Check out these creative approaches to home décor.

Decorating Magazines

Eliminate the guess work and see what your house will look like before you redecorate.

• Beautiful Homes
• Creative Home
• Decorating
• Paint Décor

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decor and design

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Kệ trang trí K293

Chất liệu Ô kệ ván MDF 18mm sơn PU, Khung sắt hộp 19 vuông sơn đồng.

Kích thước khung sắt: ngang 80cm x cao 2m0 x sâu…


Mua hàng

Bộ kệ sách  trang trí K250

Kích thước bộ kệ : ngang 2m4 x cao 2m1 x sâu 30cm. Chất liệu khung sắt hộp vuông 19mm, Ván MFC 18mm ( 1 bộ gồm 2 kệ đơn)


Mua hàng

Kệ Ô trang trí gia đình K260

Kích thước kệ : ngang 1m8 x cao 1m8 x sâu 30cm. Chất liệu khung sắt hộp vuông 19mm, Ván MFC 18mm


Mua hàng

Kệ trang trí K251

Kích thước mỗi kệ: ngang 1m0 x cao 2m0 x sâu 30cm. Chất liệu khung sắt vuông 19mm,khung lưới sắt, ván MFC 18mm


Mua hàng

Kệ sách trang trí K310

Kệ khung sắt hộp 25mm x 50mm + ván MFC 18mm óp lưới sắt.


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Decor Rental – Events Furniture



Welcome to Décor Rental. 

Décor Rental

is more than an Event & Décor Furniture Rental company. We are a designing firm that offers lounge furniture for custom weddings, conferences, night club venues, reception décor, exhibitions & corporate events made to the highest quality by our in-house team. 

From lavish contemporary to sleek modern and vintage designs to the standard essentials, Décor Furniture Rental provides a wide variety of furniture rentals and accessories to match your personal needs, style and budget for each and every occasion.
Whether you are creating an expensive look and feel for an occasion, Décor
Rental Furniture Hire
 customizes Furniture Rental packages that combine impeccable style with affordable pricing and top customer service. We’re also happy to create custom-fabricated pieces for a specific event on clients request.

We at Décor Rental Events Hire are suppliers to the Events, Décor and Theme Wedding Companies in South Africa.

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Pictures of Kitchen Design Ideas, Remodel and Decor ~ MYKITCHENINTERIOR

Attratctive Picture Designs with  Grape Accessory Wine Kitchen Decor and Long Iron Frame

Try wine kitchen decor the next time you remodel your kitchen interior! Wine or vineyard kitchen decor is a wonderful choice to add elements of wine-country style for more beautiful and inspiring kitchen design without having you to sacrifice the sole function of the room. In general, this kitchen decor theme can help you establish a truly welcoming and inviting feel with a dash of warmth to make the kitchen […]

Beautifull Furniture with Circle White Wood Kitchen Table on Pastel Carpet plus Green Wall

The white wood kitchen table is a beautiful choice for you who want to invoke the look and feel of shabby chic style or farmhouse kitchen design. Even so, considering the flexibility and versatility of both white paint and wood material, we can expect that white painted wood table can also make a way to stand out even in modern kitchen setting. Since your kitchen table

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Home Design Decorating Pictures & Ideas

How to Build a Roof for Your Shed


Detailed guide on how to build a roof for your shed. Comprehensive 5 steps guide from start till completion.

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Best EZ Beds


Take a look at the best EZ beds available. Find out why they are the best and the features that make them stand out from the other beds in the market.

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How To Design The Master Bedroom Of Your Dreams


Complete guide on how to design the master bedroom of your dreams. Detailed guide on all the things you need to consider when designing a master bedroom.

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Reliabilt Doors


Reliabilt Doors Review When couples are looking for a dream home and decide to build, or

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Balloon Decor Secrets – Be Your Own Balloon Decorator! Balloon Decorating Techniques Revealed!

Ballon Decorating Secrets

Balloon decoratingBalloon DecorationsBALLOON DECORATING SECRETS

Decorating Secrets Revealed!!

professional balloon decorator is revealing her insider’s balloon
decorating secrets and techniques so YOU can create your own STUNNING
professional-quality balloon decorations and save hundreds upon
hundreds of dollars on your wedding!

Just imagine
being able to make
for weddings, parties, anniversary celebrations, baby showers, bridal
showers, or other special events.

What if you could
do this
for your own wedding…?
Can you imagine how incredibly little money it would cost you to
create an
awesome, magical environment
so you can celebrate your wedding day in style?

As we say in the
business, “The party doesn’t start until the balloons arrive!”.

Balloons tell
guests that something very special is taking place! Balloon decor can
an otherwise ordinary banquet
hall (even an ugly one!) into an elegant and lavish

For many years I
was a professional balloon decorator

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Beautification of Your Community Matters

hands planting pink flowers

Community beautification should be high on your agenda as a local leader or a neighborhood or community organization.  Simple projects range from planting some pretty flowers or shrubs to painting planters, benches, sign posts, or whatever is beginning to look a bit tired. Volunteer-led projects such as these are one of the quickest ways to inspire more community spirit, socializing, and action.

A visually appealing community increases property values, attracts
businesses, and improves the neighborhood’s image. Beauty is one of the three most influential factors in community attachment, which means loyalty, to your particular town or city.
Some research even shows that a nice-looking neighborhood promotes good behavior.  To help you realize these benefits, we wrote articles on the topics below; if you are uncertain which to select, use the Search box at the top of the page. (This article continues

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Wedding Styling Melbourne, Affordable Packages, Hall Transformation, Crystal Candelabra, Weddings and Events Florals

Wedding Stylists Melbourne
Glass Runner and Crystal Candelabra
Bridal Stage Styling Package
Custom Designs
Custom Designs
Wedding Centrepiece
Asian Ceremony
Flower Wall Hire Melbourne
Green Fern Wall
Floral Chandeliers
Blossom Tunnel
Event Furniture Hire
Hall Transformations
Floral Runner, Bridal Table Design
Visit our gallery

We specialise in decorations and interior design / styling of ANY venue, whether it is customised to hold weddings and special events or not.
For example, we can start with an empty hall and turn it into a fairy tale castle fit for a Cinderella wedding! Need an advice? Need to transform an empty hall?
Email us the photo of your venue to receive free advice from our professional designer
Venue Styling Packages available
Please also check our SPECIALS Page
      19th & 20th ABIA AWARDS Styled by Farfalla Designs  


Farfalla Party & Wedding Design is a wedding and event design company. It was started in Melbourne 17 years ago. For these years we have worked in different
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School Wall Painting Artist | Playschool Cartoon Painting,School Wall Painting Artist,Nursery School Wall Painting,Cartoon Wall Painting Artist

School is important part of kids life. Play school, nursery are foundation of education.

Well known Artist, Designer and Painter for 3D Cartoon Wall Paintings in India. We are specialized in school wall painting, 3d cartoon painting, play school wall painting, nursery school wall painting, Wall painting, Kids room wall Painting, Cartoon painting for kids room.

In school they should need happy and enjoyable environment. We do paintings in various school across Madhya Pradesh,Gujaraat,Rajasthan,Maharashtra. Paintings are theme based like Jungle theme, Space Theme, Music Theme,Activity Theme,Learning Theme,Cartoon Theme,, underwater theme, snow theme, etc.

Nursery Class Wall Decoration Art Service
Nursery school wall Painting
Nursery School Wall Painting Artist
Nursery School Wall Painting Artist 
Cartoon Painting Artist For School
Cartoon Wall

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