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shareware and free software for Windows

Featured Windows Products

Advanced Mouse Speed – more control
over the speed of your cursor than Windows provides. Particularly helpful for
mice with very high DPI.

MemTest – Is your
computer crashing because of bad RAM? Use our Deluxe
Bootable CD to find out or test your RAM from inside windows with MemTest Pro. A free,
fully functional, no nag
version is also available.

Lean Count Down – easy to
use count-down alarm with both command line and GUI interface, which uses very
little resources (CPU, RAM, or screen space).

DVD Span – A backup
program that lets you burn large folders across multiple discs automatically
and produces regular disks that can be read and restored from by any program and
OS. Supports CDR/DVD/Blu media.




12/06/19 MemTest 7.0 released. Radically improved

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Design Competitions, Contests and Awards




Design Excellence Awards 2020
Paid Competition.



24 Days Ago

Modular Food Furniture
Free Competition.

Furniture Design


26 Days Ago

Spring World Campus Masters [2015-2019] Selective Graduation Design Program 2020
Paid Competition.

Architecture, Landscape, Art, Interior, Product De..


45 Days Ago

Premium Coffee Gift Packaging
Free Competition.

Gift-packaging Design


47 Days Ago

Yicca 2020 – International Contest Of Contemporary Art
Paid Competition.



47 Days Ago

Yicca 2020 – International Contest Of Contemporary Art
Paid Competition.



47 Days Ago

Yicca 2020 – International Contest Of Contemporary Art
Paid Competition.

Artwork Design


47 Days Ago

Urs China Interactive
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Francis Manzella Design Ltd :: Architectural and Acoustic Design | Index

Architectural Acoustic Design for the Recording, Broadcast and Media Industries


Francis Manzella Design Ltd. is a full service Architectural Acoustics, and Media Facility design firm based in Mahopac, NY. We specialize in Architectural Acoustic Design and modeling of critical listening environments and performance spaces for the audio Recording, Post-Production, Broadcast and Entertainment industries. The firm is a fifteen time nominee and THREE time winner of the prestigious TEC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Studio Design and Acoustics.

We are immersed in the ‘process’ and are always investigating new techniques and solutions for the acoustic design challenge we face on each project. Incorporating the best from previous successes and stretching the envelope in aesthetic and acoustic conceptualization keeps the process stimulating and fresh. Personal service and a resolute desire to see projects through to completion are

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Textured Wall Coverings

textured wall coverings

CALL US: (814) 654-7509

textured wall coverings wallpaper alternative Serving Ontario, Canada

Serving our Canadian neighbors!

Textured Wall Coverings

more exciting than paint!

more versatile than wallpaper!

rich custom finish!!

Design R Wall lets YOU be the designer!

Design R Wall® is a unique new concept in designer wallpaper and textured wall coverings, blending texture and color to create an exciting alternative to wallpaper and paint! Utilizing textile materials to produce artistic patterns, Design R Wall® provides a rich variety of decorating options. Colors vary from bold and sparkling to subtle neutrals, while the textures range from soft nubby cottons to fine, sandy grains. Chic ceiling or wall coatings may be developed by mixing two or more Design R Wall styles.


A designer wall covering ….great solution to covering old paneling or problem walls. Whether applying to new dry wall or renovating old wall treatments, results are impressive! Well suited to high

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Marbella Design Academy. International Design School in Spain. In English

Marbella Design Academy, founded in 1995, is situated in beautiful and healthy surroundings near Marbella, Southern Spain.

The Academy is private and exclusive with a high academic level, has a family friendly atmosphere and a very safe environment on the edge of the small town of Monda, 15 km from Marbella.

Offering Bachelor of Arts validated design programmes, taught in English.

BA degrees awarded by our UK partner University of Bedfordshire.

No need for you to go to the UK for your Bachelor of Arts degree! This year 2020 we are celebrating our 25 Years anniversary!

NEWS! “Following the instructions of the Spanish Government, Marbella Design Academy physical facilities are closed until the 11 of April included, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Administrative and tuition activities continue as normal but online. All our staff and teachers are working from home, normal hours 9.00 to 16.00 and will attend the public

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#1 Web Design & SEO Company in Lancaster

Award-Winning Web Design Company

A great website is the cornerstone of business in the 21st century. Firstly, it communicates your brand’s story through the medium of images and design. Secondly, a website is the launchpad for all your internet marketing efforts, including paid search and organic SEO. As a digital marketing agency and a web company, we intuitively understand how these two mediums work together. Our philosophy as a web design company is to build gorgeous looking sites that draw your potential customers in, engage them, and make them want to pursue working together with you. At our web design agency, our in-house teams of designers and developers collaborate to create responsive sites that look stunning and are intuitive for users to navigate on any device — see some of our web design examples right here. WebTek is the website design company that local and national businesses trust to

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Air Quality Design Values | National Air Quality: Status and Trends of Key Air Pollutants

  • Carbon Monoxide Design Values, 2017 (XLSX)(1 pg, 310 K,
  • Lead Design Values, 2017 (XLSX)(1 pg, 149 K,
  • Nitrogen Dioxide Design Values, 2017 (XLSX)(1 pg, 514 K,
  • Ozone Design Values, 2017 (XLSX)(1 pg, 950 K,
  • PM10 Design Values, 2017 (XLSX)(1 pg, 699 K,
  • PM2.5 Design Values, 2017 (XLSX)(1 pg, 2 MB,
  • Sulfur Dioxide Design Values, 2017 (XLSX)(1 pg, 391 K,
  • Carbon Monoxide Design Values, 2016 (XLSX)(1 pg, 314 K,
  • Lead Design Values, 2016 (XLSX)(1 pg, 159 K,
  • Nitrogen Dioxide Design Values, 2016 (XLSX)(1 pg, 514 K,
  • Ozone Design Values, 2016 (XLSX)(1 pg, 926 K,
  • PM10 Design Values, 2016 (XLSX)(1 pg, 836 K,
  • PM2.5 Design Values, 2016 (XLSX)(1 pg, 2 MB,
  • Sulfur Dioxide Design Values, 2016 (XLSX)(1 pg, 616 K,
  • Carbon
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Design right – GOV.UK

‘Design right’ automatically protects your design for 10 years after it was first sold or 15 years after it was created – whichever is earliest.

You can use it to stop someone copying your design.

Design right only applies to the shape and configuration (how different parts of a design are arranged together) of objects.

You can also register your design for better protection provided it meets the eligibility criteria.

You must register a design to protect 2-dimensional designs such as graphics, textiles and wallpaper.

Prove your design right

You’ll need proof of when you created a design if you want to claim design right.

This could be getting signed and dated copies of your design drawings or photos certified and kept by a solicitor or intellectual property attorney.

There are other ways to prove design right. You’ll usually need to get professional advice.

Design right disputes

The Intellectual Property

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Global Design Project

We are so very happy you joined us last week for our Sketch Challenge. As always, we loved your projects and your excitement about sharing the accomplishments of others. Thank you to everyone for playing along this week.

Please help us congratulate these winners and special mentions by clicking on their projects and congratulating them.

If you are a winner, please add the Global Design Project badge (above) to your blog. You can use the hashtag #GDPwinner on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Congratulations to our incredibly talented chosen winners – these are all amazing projects!

Special Mentions (in no particular order)

Head back to the Global Design Project to see these amazing projects and why they were given a special mention. Click Here.  

#2 Jenn Picard

#18 Helen Jennings
#31 Doro Buhn

Share online wherever you like that you received a special mention at the Global Design Project Challenge blog.

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Industrial Design – Undergraduate Admissions


Industrial designers are the specialists who determine the features, appearance, materials and ergonomics of the many products we use daily—from toasters and cell phones to sporting goods and tools. Industrial designers play a vital role on product development teams to ensure the connection between a product and its end user.


Are you smart and creative? Do you enjoy solving problems? Are you interested in drawings and designing three-dimensional objects? Are you curious about how things work? Are you keen to design products that are useful to people? If so, Industrial Design may be the course of studies for you.

Practical work experience

As a student in Carleton’s Industrial Design (ID) program, you will learn by doing—both inside and outside the classroom.

Co-op opportunities

Co-operative education placements usually begin after third year. You could work with leading Canadian design firms

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