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20 Modern TV Unit Design Ideas For Bedroom & Living Room With Pictures

One of the most important elements of a bedroom or a living room apart from beds and sofas, TV units hold a large number of design patterns to choose from. As we know that the entertainment system is one of the most important systems in the home, so we have to keep it classy to keep the standards high.TV Unit Designs comes in wide range and designs.A stylish tv unit is a must component of the living room or bedroom.

Most of the time, the material used for making the tv units is plywood, and the design and type of plywood used in the house make it classy or cheap and obviously, e won’t let you see down just because of certain designs. We have researched well and brought some really classy and beautiful TV Unit Designs which you would certainly like and would want to have them in your

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Make your home a happier place: A design psychology coach provides tips

Rebecca West, a design psychology coach, interior designer and founder of Seriously Happy Homes, joined staff writer Jura Koncius for our Home Front online chat. Here is an edited excerpt.

Q: What should you do if what makes you happy does not make your partner happy, such as clutter and organization?

A: I see this a lot, and I find the key is to have a conversation not about the clutter, but about your combined goals. If the cluttery ones can express what the clutter brings to their life (happy memories, or maybe they need to see stuff to know that it exists) and if the tidy ones can express how the clutter is a hardship (maybe it creates a lot of stress or embarrassment), then you can start to understand what each person needs and try to find a way to solve for both. Maybe the clutter goes into

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Putting the pieces together toward decorating your first home

“Embrace the work-in-progress stage,” says Keira St. Claire, an interior designer with Anthony Wilder Design/Build in Cabin John, Md. “Take your time when designing on a budget. Don’t worry about things not being perfect everywhere.”

To make the most of your budget and create unique spaces with tons of character, mix expensive pieces with inexpensive finds, suggests St. Claire.

Where to splurge or save

Once you establish a budget for your new home, you’ll need to do an inventory of what you own and want to keep and make a list of the essentials.

“If you’re on a limited budget, I would first invest in one of two spots: where you gather and where you dine,” says Allie Mann, a designer and senior interiors specialist, with Case Design/Remodeling in Bethesda, Md. “You want to have a great place to sit or entertain and spending a little more for the perfect

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Why Our World Needs Strong Boys More than Ever

It’s been years, but I can still see them now: My first three sons lined up in our back yard, capes tied on shoulders, barefoot, just grass and dirt and their imaginations.

They were Batman, Superman, or whomever they saw in the last movie they watched with Dad. They flexed their muscles and got lost in their own world. Hardly noticing me there at all, they would jump off a great city building (our short rock wall) or lift massive trucks (large rocks) to save a life.

They took down bad guys and blew things up. A lot of things. And at the end of the day they would come inside covered in dirt and sweat and around the dinner table they would tell the tales of their manly adventures.  

My first three boys absolutely embraced their emerging masculinity. There was no shame in it and I, personally, loved

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How Much Should You Spend on a Living Room Sofa?

Meet Our Experts

Regan Baker leads Regan Baker Design, an interior design firm based in San Francisco. She believes design should be comfortable, modern, and personal. 

Jessica Helgerson runs Jessica Helgerson Interior Design in Portland, Oregon. Her design process is pragmatic as well as creative/conceptual.

Sarah-Hamlin Hastings is an interior designer who founded The Fritz Porter Design Collective in 2015, a high-end fabric, furniture, and design showroom in Charleston. 

What Should You Consider When Shopping for a Sofa or Couch?

Taking cues from their style-conscious clients, Jessica Helgerson Interior Design transformed an Amagansett home into a light-filled, Scandinavian-inspired getaway.

Pay Attention to Scale 

“Understand what scale and proportions you’re looking at and the relationships in the room,” says Baker. If you have high ceilings you may want something large and substantial, or if you have a small room, something lower but lifted off the floor will provide more dimension, she

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Home design in the age of social distancing

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing has become the new norm. A number of people across the globe have been confined to their homes and neighborhoods for an indefinite period of time.

We don’t know how long these effects will last and whether this change is just a temporary state or here for good. But as the world population increases depleting our resources, scientists are warning that it is putting us ever so closer to wildlife and the next pandemic might be just a matter of time.

What does this mean to the design and traditional meaning of our homes? What are the major social factors that will influence the homes of the future? These are some questions that architectural, interior and landscape designers will need to address moving forward.

As human beings, we already spend more than 90 percent of our time

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How to Virtually Explore the Smithsonian From Your Living Room | At the Smithsonian

March 18, 2020, 9:24 a.m.

The Smithsonian Institution’s 19 museums, galleries, gardens and National Zoo have temporarily shut their doors as a public health precaution aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19. But while these brick-and-mortar buildings may be closed, the Smithsonian remains active in the digital sphere, making it easy for museum lovers, creatives and lifelong learners alike to experience its offerings from the comfort of their couch.

To help readers narrow down their search, Smithsonian magazine has compiled a list of virtual experiences that cater to an array of interests. Whether you’re in the mood to peruse the National Portrait Gallery’s presidential portrait collection, explore the engineering marvels of the Inka Empire or remix one of the 2.8 million images available through Smithsonian Open Access, this roundup has you covered.

Online Tours and Exhibitions

Elephant in Natural History Museum rotunda
You can virtually tour the National Museum of Natural History’s rotunda, among
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Looking for a distraction? Try this at-home escape room made with Google Docs

What most of us want right now is an escape—so Williamsburg resident Anthony Smith created one.

It’s not your run-of-the-mill escape room with social distancing underway. It’s online, using Google Docs in a completely different manner.

Once you’re past the title page, you’re taken to the prologue, which is a cryptic, stream-of-consciousness passage that leads you into the game. You wake up in a cozy cabin but something’s wrong.

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You’re given a series of actions–checking under the pillows, opening the window, turning the door knob–but only one action gets you out. It’s up to you to find out which one.

Being stuck indoors while the coronavirus pandemic plays out has us a bit stir crazy, which is why the escape room serves as a welcome distraction.

Smith says he created it out of “q

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Interior Design Tips: How to Use Texture

Interior Design Tips: How to Use Texture

Try Out These Interior Design Tips to Add Texture to Your Home Decor

Once you’ve decided on an overall theme for your room, and you’ve got the foundation in place, now is the time to take a look at your room with a different eye—one that focuses on adding the elements of texture to your space. Have a sleek, contemporary look? Think shiny, slick and reflective. Going for comfy and cozy? Consider plush fabrics, natural elements and woven accents. There are so many ways to layer texture into your room to truly give it an individual touch.

Bedding Basics

Pattern choice and fabric weight can both play a part in adding texture to your bedroom. Play with different bedding textures to see which ones fit your style best. Quilted bedding feels cozy and welcoming. Silky satin coverlets feel high-end and fancy. Piles of lace take on a romantic, vintage vibe.

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