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A Room-by-Room Guide for Ergonomic Lighting Levels

Ergonomics, as it relates to lighting, is basically having the right amount and location of lighting for what you’re doing. In the workplace, it can be making sure computer monitors don’t have too much glare on them (to prevent eyestrain) or ensuring that people performing tasks that require precision and fine-detail work have lighting on a path that ensures that there are no shadows cast on what they’re doing.

In the home, having ergonomic lighting can mean installing task lighting above kitchen counters or a workbench or making sure that hallways and stairways have enough lighting in them for safety.

Making Sense of Measurements

You’ll find light levels are listed in lumens, which is light output. Light intensity levels may be listed in lux or foot-candles (fc). Lux measurements are roughly 10 times a foot-candle measurement, as a foot-candle is 1 lumen per square foot, and a lux is 1

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LifeRoom | Four Seasons Sunrooms


Revolutionary Outdoor Living is for Everyone.

Don’t put off enjoying your home and yard to the fullest. LifeRooms can be custom built to fit any home and budget, with financing available. The patent-pending features of LifeRoom allow it to be designed just for you and your family’s needs, fit your home’s unique architecture and adhere to HOA guidelines.


Silent Glide Motorized Screens for Protection & Entertainment.

Instantly Adjusts To Your Mood And Mother Nature’s.

At the touch of a button, create a bug and allergen-free environment with up to 95% protection from harmful UV rays that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy all year round all on your existing patio cover!


Mood Lighting creates just the Right Atmosphere.

Even when the sun goes down, LifeRoom knows how to keep the party going. Soft blue LED lighting brings a magical atmosphere to any night



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There are SO MANY reasons t use luxury vinyl tile flooring! It’s my go to flooring of choice! Read why here –>

Oh my goodness. I just realized how much time has passed since I posted about the plans for our laundry room redesign. We completed this room makeover a few months ago, and I’m just now sitting down to write the reveal post (can’t wait to share the dramatic Before and After photos on this one!).

But before I pull back the curtain for this particular reveal, I wanted to spend a bit of time zeroing in on one particular design choice we made for this project — selecting luxury vinyl tile flooring.


This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission, but it won’t cost you a penny

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Media Room Furniture | Theater Sectional

At, we know that creating a unique entertainment environment at home can be a challenge. To make life easier, we offer many different styles, sizes, and designs of home theater sectional sofa furniture online. Our impressive home theater couch selection includes products from leading manufacturers, which will help make it easier to find the perfect style and design to meet your needs. While visiting our site, simply select from our wide range of home theater sofas or sectionals for the look that will compliment your room.

Ordering the right movie theater couches requires a deep knowledge and understanding of the needs, technology, and space requirements for creating a home room with theater seating. Couch quality and options are also crucial. This is where we excel and consider ourselves the leading experts in North America. We are the ones who pull these entertainment sofas apart and inspect and understand every

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Types of Rooms in Hotels

Some people travel for adventure, others travel for a relaxing getaway, and even others travel for obligatory reasons. Whatever the reason might be, an important part of any trip is the accommodations. It’s easy to book hotel rooms online, over the phone and even through mobile apps. But before making any reservations, be clear about the kinds of rooms that are available.

Understanding Room Types

No two hotels are the same. What is considered a suite at one hotel could be a basic room at another. Even so, hotel rooms generally fall into distinct categories.

By Beds

Many people book hotel rooms based on the number of beds. A room could have one double bed, two twin beds or two full beds, one queen, one king, one queen and one twin and so forth. While hotels use different phrases to categorize these rooms, they more or less use

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Let the spirit move you: How to design a positive space in your home

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Finish the Bonus Room Over the Garage

Finish the Bonus Room Over the Garage – Salter Spiral Stair

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75 Most Popular Living Room with a Wood Burning Stove Design Ideas for 2020 – Stylish Living Room with a Wood Burning Stove Remodeling Pictures

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Home theater seating layout: 5 key design and placement tips

The first task that should be done in any home theater design is choosing the number and type of seats. That’s probably surprising to most enthusiasts as they think that equipment is the first thing that should be selected! In fact seating choices end up dictating a lot of other things including room dimensions, acoustic treatment and subwoofer / speaker type and placement.

There are two ways to go about designing seating: from the “outside in” or from the “inside out”.


1. Seating Placement Approach

Outside In

For rooms with fixed dimensions (such as our demo room which was a remodel of an existing space) the approach to use is “outside in”. This means that you start with the room size and use this to determine the maximum number of seats, their type and arrangement into rows.


Inside Out

For rooms where there is flexibility in dimensions, such as a

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About The Addition (Master Bedroom, Laundry Room and Family Room)

At the end of last year, Matt announced to me that he was ready to start the addition. I kind of freaked out, dug my heels in, and made it clear to him that I wasn’t ready.

When he made his announcement, the studio still looked like this…

The was no electricity, no insulation, and no drywall. And the HVAC ducts weren’t connected. So with this daunting project ahead of me and at the top of the priority list, the idea of starting an addition just seemed like way too much for me.

But now that the studio is much further along and actually feels like a room, I can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel with this area of the house. So now I’m ready to dip my toe into the plans for the addition.

So we’re going to move forward very slowly and

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