Industrial Design – Undergraduate Admissions


Industrial designers are the specialists who determine the features, appearance, materials and ergonomics of the many products we use daily—from toasters and cell phones to sporting goods and tools. Industrial designers play a vital role on product development teams to ensure the connection between a product and its end user.


Are you smart and creative? Do you enjoy solving problems? Are you interested in drawings and designing three-dimensional objects? Are you curious about how things work? Are you keen to design products that are useful to people? If so, Industrial Design may be the course of studies for you.

Practical work experience

As a student in Carleton’s Industrial Design (ID) program, you will learn by doing—both inside and outside the classroom.

Co-op opportunities

Co-operative education placements usually begin after third year. You could work with leading Canadian design firms or design-oriented manufacturers and gain hands-on experience in real-life projects.


Internships can provide a minimum of 12 weeks of experience as a design intern.


You are required to submit a portfolio that demonstrates creativity and aptitude for the study of industrial design. Your portfolio should include:

  • curriculum vitae (academics, work experience, interests, etc.)
  • statement of interest with reasons for wanting to study industrial design
  • diverse selection of creative work with explanatory notes

Creative work may include freehand or computer-generated drawings, technical drawings, paintings, graphics and photographs, and images of 3-dimensional work such as sculptures, models, renovations, furniture, fashion items, etc.

Attending an information session at the School is also recommended. Visit for information about the portfolio.

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