Medicare Advantage Plan: Who is eligible

If the person is eligible to avail Medicare, then he has few choices to make. One option is to insure with Medicare. However, the person is to face high unpredictable costs. If affordable you can also opt for Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019. Medicare supplement Plan is the third option available.

Criteria to avail Medicare Advantage Plan

It is found to be a popular choice among many for various reasons, however, not meant for everyone. It is individual circumstances that dictate who will enroll in this type of plan. This plan can be considered if the following criteria are met.

  • Limited budget: Enrolling can be considered as all benefits from the original Medicare have been received, however, has the advantage of optimum out of pocket amount. In case, coverage is derived from original Medicare, then cap is not necessary on share of expenses for covered services. 20% outpatient costs can leave behind some expenses. The other reason for finding a plan is that Medicare supplement premiums are associated with high costs. Generally, supplemental premiums are found to be higher on an average when compared to Medicare Advantage plan premiums. There are some Advantage plans with even $0 premium amount per month.
  • Additional benefits: This plan is said to include the benefits of both Part A and B. However, private insurance providers offering such Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 may include benefits much more than covered by the original Medicare plan. The plans may commonly include Part – D drug coverage, while few plans could include extras like hearing, vision, dental, transportation and gym memberships. The supplement policies are said to include rarely such additional, while the supplemental policies do not come with inbuilt drug coverage.
  • All-inclusive plan: In case a plan is desired which includes Part D drug and medical benefits, and then Advantage plan is to be considered. If Medicare Advantage plan is enrolled with having drug benefits (MAPD), then the person has to interact with just a single insurance provider, thus limiting interaction with several member service departments.

Not qualifying for Medicare Supplement Plans 2019

Unless the person is entitled for Guaranteed Issue Rights or in his Medigap Open Enrolment Period, when shopping for Medicare Supplement, he will be subjected to medical underwriting. Recent hospital stays or pre-existing conditions will mean denial for coverage.

Few states might not permit insurance providers to offer supplemental coverage to beneficiaries under 65, while the states that do, higher premiums for those under 65.