Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 – Plan F or Plan G

It is the desire of every person to get hold of the best Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 and avail value worth their investment. There are many who have come across comprehensive plans like F and G and may be quite confused.

Things to consider

According to the experts, Plan F is found to be popular than Plan G. but the latter definitely deserves a look. About ten standardized plans have been referred as Medigap policies, Supplements or Medicare Supplements. With more costs being covered for the services availed by the plan, the higher is likely to be its premium. Therefore, how to find the right balance between what is paid in premiums and the amount willing to pay when receiving covered services. The answer to this question is by identifying the budget set and the general attitude to insurance coverage.


Know the differences

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 – F and G does have some differences in them. 100% of share of Medicare covered services will be paid by Plan F, which includes the following:

  • Part A – deductible
  • Part A – Coinsurance
  • Part A – Copayment or coinsurance
  • Part B – copayment or coinsurance
  • Part B – additional charges
  • Part B – deductible
  • Part B – preventative coinsurance
  • Initial three pints of blood
  • SKF care coinsurance
  • Emergency foreign travel (until plan limits)

This is 100% of the share of costs borne for covered services. In case, Medicare does not cover it, taking a supplement will be of no help. The Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 are known to just fill up the gaps that exist in covered services.

In Plan G, everything except Part B deductible Medicare amount of $147 is covered.

Know the mathematics and probability between the plans

It’s easy to compare Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 between insurance providers since plans are standardized. Hence, the benefits offered by Plan F by all providers will be very much the same. Once the lowest premium amount is found for the two plans, the math is to be done. This is more about the numbers since probability to need Part B outpatient services is quite high. Services will probably be required and full deductible is to be paid. The key difference is the annual premiums paid. Hence, if Plan F amount is higher than Plan G, then the latter is to be selected and vice versa.

Understand Medicare benefits – Plans A to D

According to the experts, Medicare is considered to be a health insurance program for the citizens and run by Federal government. Its enactment took place in July 1965 and offers the elderly with health care at low cost. It includes medical, prescription drug and hospitalization insurance. But one should not confuse it with Social Security, since both are different programs.

How to qualify for Medicare Supplement Plans in 2019

For qualifying Medicare benefits, the person is required to be 65 years and above. Several types of qualifications are present for Social Security. It is regarded to be an essential distinction for those interested in early retirement and of the belief that benefits can be derived from both the programs. Visit to get quotes online.

About Medicare Supplement Plans  

The government administers the original program which is of two parts. Part A addresses hospital insurance while Part B covers medical insurance. A government run portion had been created in 2006. Such Medicare benefits are known as Part D and cover prescription drug coverage. Part A covers medications which are taken during hospital stays.

With the plan’s original part being considered as ‘fee for service’ insurance, no limitation is present on the doctor type that Medicare beneficiaries can visit. This is because, they are said to be in HMO. But it is necessary for them to visit the hospital or physician participating in this program.

Other factors to understand

The Medicare benefits covered by Part B & Part D are considered to be optional. By not choosing them, Part A coverage will not be affected. If Part D benefit is to be derived, then additional fee has to be paid. Medicare Advantage plan is also called Part C, tends to combine coverage of all the three plans, namely, Part D, B and A.

More than 1800 types of prescription drug plans exist and selecting the most appropriate one can be often confusing. Non-profit groups and the government as well as 3rd party vendors are found to offer counseling and advice on the specific topic.

In few cases, a fee is charged, while in others, no charges are levied. Free information is provided by the Medicare site and help availed to choose the most appropriate Medicare Supplement Plansfor 2019. Medicare benefits can also be changed, irrespective of the plans chosen. It is possible to update Part A & B at any point of time, while changes can be done during the following month’s start.

Medicare Advantage Plan: Who is eligible

If the person is eligible to avail Medicare, then he has few choices to make. One option is to insure with Medicare. However, the person is to face high unpredictable costs. If affordable you can also opt for Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019. Medicare supplement Plan is the third option available.

Criteria to avail Medicare Advantage Plan

It is found to be a popular choice among many for various reasons, however, not meant for everyone. It is individual circumstances that dictate who will enroll in this type of plan. This plan can be considered if the following criteria are met.

  • Limited budget: Enrolling can be considered as all benefits from the original Medicare have been received, however, has the advantage of optimum out of pocket amount. In case, coverage is derived from original Medicare, then cap is not necessary on share of expenses for covered services. 20% outpatient costs can leave behind some expenses. The other reason for finding a plan is that Medicare supplement premiums are associated with high costs. Generally, supplemental premiums are found to be higher on an average when compared to Medicare Advantage plan premiums. There are some Advantage plans with even $0 premium amount per month.
  • Additional benefits: This plan is said to include the benefits of both Part A and B. However, private insurance providers offering such Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 may include benefits much more than covered by the original Medicare plan. The plans may commonly include Part – D drug coverage, while few plans could include extras like hearing, vision, dental, transportation and gym memberships. The supplement policies are said to include rarely such additional, while the supplemental policies do not come with inbuilt drug coverage.
  • All-inclusive plan: In case a plan is desired which includes Part D drug and medical benefits, and then Advantage plan is to be considered. If Medicare Advantage plan is enrolled with having drug benefits (MAPD), then the person has to interact with just a single insurance provider, thus limiting interaction with several member service departments.

Not qualifying for Medicare Supplement Plans 2019

Unless the person is entitled for Guaranteed Issue Rights or in his Medigap Open Enrolment Period, when shopping for Medicare Supplement, he will be subjected to medical underwriting. Recent hospital stays or pre-existing conditions will mean denial for coverage.

Few states might not permit insurance providers to offer supplemental coverage to beneficiaries under 65, while the states that do, higher premiums for those under 65.