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Christian Decorating Mom | Christian mom redecorating teen room, bathroom , kitchen & family room with Christian house decor

Redecorating our guest / girl’s bathroom is so much fun!  Our Christian shower curtain and matching bath mat are here and we all absolutely love it!  It has turned our rather boring bathroom; with its brown walls and drab look, into one of color, fun and God’s love.  Here are some before and after pictures for you.

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Of course I couldn’t stop there!  I am now tackling the fun task of looking for Christian wall décor and other Christian nick knacks to complete the look.  The first thing I did was to get a standing wall unit to place above the toilet.  This allows for space for towels and still have room for some fun stuff!

I ran across this beautiful blue angel with a butterfly on her hand , with the saying “count you blessings ” above her.  It is the perfect Christian wall décor

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About The Addition (Master Bedroom, Laundry Room and Family Room)

At the end of last year, Matt announced to me that he was ready to start the addition. I kind of freaked out, dug my heels in, and made it clear to him that I wasn’t ready.

When he made his announcement, the studio still looked like this…

The was no electricity, no insulation, and no drywall. And the HVAC ducts weren’t connected. So with this daunting project ahead of me and at the top of the priority list, the idea of starting an addition just seemed like way too much for me.

But now that the studio is much further along and actually feels like a room, I can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel with this area of the house. So now I’m ready to dip my toe into the plans for the addition.

So we’re going to move forward very slowly and

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Bump-out addition | The Family Handyman

Cramped bath? Add a bump-out addition and learn about the magic of six square feet!

bump-out additionFamily Handyman

A bump-out addition is a great way to expand a small bathroom without messing with other nearby rooms. It’s complicated, but the spaced gained is well worth the effort. This article covers the key issues you’ll have to deal with.

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Bump-out addition overview: Benefits and planning

Building a “bump-out” is a big project that adds only a few square feet to a room. (Here are some other ways to add square footage to your home.) But in some rooms—especially bathrooms—an extra 6 or 7 sq. ft. allows for a complete transformation. With this wee addition, you can actually turn a half bath into a full bath, install a luxury two-sink vanity or even install a

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New and Improved Step Down to Family Room

The family room renovation has been dragging on for nearly a year, but I am making progress.  I need to hurry up and finish so I can tear apart my kitchen.  And renovate the downstairs bathroom.  I’ve also been doing a few side projects since I started the family room, the biggest one being the upstairs hallway.  If you remember, demo started on the hallway and the family room the same day.  Check out that post HERE.  Would ya look at that?  March 22, 2014 is when the demo started.  No further comment.Smart Girls DIY - removing paneling at demo and wine night

Anyway, this is a quick post.  Part of the family room demo included taking out the step leading from the kitchen.  It’s one of those one thing led to another…  If you recall, I took out a piece of the wall between the two rooms (which was a brilliant idea if I do say so myself!) which

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42 Popular Home Gym Room Design Ideas For Your Family

Getting into shape doesn’t mean you have to go to a gym weekly and work out. You can actually get plenty of exercise at home,

by allocating a room or other part of your house as an exercise area, and either building or purchasing appropriate equipment for your exercise. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when designing your home gym.

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Spring Decorating Ideas for the Family Room

As spring symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start, there’s no better time to clean, organize, and redecorate the home.

Maybe it’s because it’s warm enough to open windows again, or perhaps it’s the days becoming longer than the nights, but spring is a good time for change.

Family Room
Remodel by Case Design

Redecorating gives households a chance to make a big change without undergoing a major remodeling or home improvement project. Sometimes a new look is all it takes to create a new room, and it can often be done without changing any major elements of infrastructure or design. The family room is a good place to start. A family room is constantly changing, just like the seasons. It’s a room that welcomes new family members, visitors, and friends, while adapting to the tastes, habits, and needs of a constantly changing household. Sometimes a little bit of redecorating can push

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Winter Decorating Family Room Tour

With the holidays behind us, I’m ready to share our winter decorating family room tour. We actually had snow a few days ago, but instead of snuggling by the fire we stood at the window with coffee in hand watching the big flakes. Today I’m in great company, joining the Cozy Winter Home Tours, hosted by my friend Amber of Follow The Yellow Brick Home. This is the place to be for winter decorating inspiration across the country.

Thank you so much for stopping by after visiting Carol of Bluesky at Home and welcome to Thistle Key Lane. I just love Carol’s green and white rustic winter decor ideas, don’t you?!


Winter Decorating Family Room Tour - Coffee table vignette with pinecones, a green plant and a wooden stamp.


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Winter Decorating Family Room

With the family room back in order after the holidays, we’re enjoying our cozy fireplace along with a few wintery touches starting

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42 Things in Your Living Room, Family Room and/or Great Room

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42 Things in Your Living Room, Family Room and Great Room cover

I know 42 Things in Your Living Room, Family Room and/or Great Room is an exceedingly long title!  But, it didn’t seem right to create 3 separate lists for these 3 separate types of rooms because, well, they are so similar {grin}.  So, if by chance you have all 3 of these rooms in your home, you’ll need to print the list 3 times.

In my house, I only have one such room.  I have a Great Room combined with my kitchen.  We don’t have a separate living room, but we do have a separate dining room.  When we had the opportunity to choose a new floor plan, after our house burned to the ground in the 2007 Southern California wildfire known as the Witch Fire, we decided we’d rather have the one large

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33 Lovely Family Room Interior Design Ideas With Fireplace To Have

Inside your home, the living room is the busiest area. This is where your family and friends spend a lot of time, so you want to create a very comfortable and relaxing environment. In order to do this, there are certain steps you should follow.

Your living room design should depend primarily on your lifestyle and your taste. If you enjoy the warmth and comfort that a fireplace brings, you may want to rearrange your furniture around the fireplace to make it a focal point. Or if you enjoy the soothing music that comes from the piano, you can put your prized instrument at the center of your living room.

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How We Styled Our Family Room and Kitchen to Sell

Well, our first home now belongs to someone else (a VERY lovely family). As you guessed it went really quickly and yes, they bought 80% of the furniture and accessories (very little art or one of a kind accessories that I couldn’t part with). But before we sold it we staged it to sell (and created this video series!!!) which meant for this room, that we really designed it for the very first time.

When we bought it, it looked like this:

Emily Henderson_Home_Family Room_Staging_For Sale_Curbed_Before Move In_Grid_1

We did a lot of updating to it through the years, and even shot it for a few different publications, all styled out.

Emily Henderson_Home_Family Room_Staging_For Sale_Curbed_Progress_1

Here it was in Domino. Geez this looks so dated now.

Emily Henderson_Home_Family Room_Curbed_Style to Sell_Domino

And here is looking towards the kitchen when it was in Good Housekeeping:

Emily Henderson_Home_Family Room_Curbed_Style to Sell_Good House Keeping

Charlie!!! and little Elliot was in my belly. Simpler days, folks. Simpler days.

And in Styled: Emily Henderson_Home_Family Room_Curbed_Style to Sell_Progress

It was great and looked

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