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How Much Should You Spend on a Living Room Sofa?

Meet Our Experts

Regan Baker leads Regan Baker Design, an interior design firm based in San Francisco. She believes design should be comfortable, modern, and personal. 

Jessica Helgerson runs Jessica Helgerson Interior Design in Portland, Oregon. Her design process is pragmatic as well as creative/conceptual.

Sarah-Hamlin Hastings is an interior designer who founded The Fritz Porter Design Collective in 2015, a high-end fabric, furniture, and design showroom in Charleston. 

What Should You Consider When Shopping for a Sofa or Couch?

Taking cues from their style-conscious clients, Jessica Helgerson Interior Design transformed an Amagansett home into a light-filled, Scandinavian-inspired getaway.

Pay Attention to Scale 

“Understand what scale and proportions you’re looking at and the relationships in the room,” says Baker. If you have high ceilings you may want something large and substantial, or if you have a small room, something lower but lifted off the floor will provide more dimension, she

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How to Virtually Explore the Smithsonian From Your Living Room | At the Smithsonian

March 18, 2020, 9:24 a.m.

The Smithsonian Institution’s 19 museums, galleries, gardens and National Zoo have temporarily shut their doors as a public health precaution aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19. But while these brick-and-mortar buildings may be closed, the Smithsonian remains active in the digital sphere, making it easy for museum lovers, creatives and lifelong learners alike to experience its offerings from the comfort of their couch.

To help readers narrow down their search, Smithsonian magazine has compiled a list of virtual experiences that cater to an array of interests. Whether you’re in the mood to peruse the National Portrait Gallery’s presidential portrait collection, explore the engineering marvels of the Inka Empire or remix one of the 2.8 million images available through Smithsonian Open Access, this roundup has you covered.

Online Tours and Exhibitions

Elephant in Natural History Museum rotunda
You can virtually tour the National Museum of Natural History’s rotunda, among
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Cost to Paint Living Room

Updated: February 2020

Item details Qty Low   High
Room Painting Cost 
Non-discounted retail pricing for: Interior wall and trim paint. Latex based, paint and primer in one. Flat, satin, eggshell finish options. Quantity includes typical waste overage, material for repair and local delivery.
129 square feet $99.23 $134.24
Living Room Painting Labor, Basic 
Basic labor to paint living room with favorable site conditions. Prep up to 3 hr per 100 SF – clean, scrape, sand and patch up to 4 defects per 100 SF. Caulk gaps and spot prime. Roll / brush 2 coats of paint over lightly textured ceiling/walls. Paint up to 2 doors and door trim per room. Includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup.
129 square feet $99.23 $134.24
Living Room Painting Job Supplies 
Cost of related materials and supplies typically required to paint living room including: masking tape and paper,
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8 TV Wall Design Ideas For Your Living Room

8 TV Wall Design Ideas For Your Living Room

These days TVs are often found on walls, but when it comes to deciding how you want to create the perfect TV wall, it can be challenging to pick the right spot and the proper layout. Here are 8 different ways you can create a TV wall that makes for a stylish and comfortable viewing experience.

1. Surround It With Storage

Surrounding your television with built in storage solves two problems at once – you create a convenient spot for some of your most prized possessions and you can frame your TV with shelves that are just the right size.

Although this TV appears to be the only feature on this wall, two doors on either side of it open up to reveal walls full of shelving.

8 TV Wall Design Ideas For Your Living Room // Although this TV appears to be the only feature on this wall, two doors on either side of it open up to reveal walls full of hidden shelving.
See more photos of this TV wall, here. Design and photography by Sigmar.

This custom shelving unit that wraps around the corner has

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75 Most Popular Living Room with a Wood Burning Stove Design Ideas for 2020 – Stylish Living Room with a Wood Burning Stove Remodeling Pictures

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7 Tips For Arranging Furniture In a Long Narrow Living Room

Welcoming, cozy and comfortable are the words I want to think as I enter my home. A welcoming and cozy home is as much about a layout as it is about the furniture you put in it. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite tips for arranging furniture in a long narrow living room.

You don't need to be an interior decorator to create a beautiful space that's welcoming, intimate and comfortable. Start today using these top tips for arranging furniture in a long narrow living room. www.H2OBungalow

What makes the biggest impact is what I put in these awkward spaces and how I place them.

It’s a lot simpler than you’d think.

I’ll use my living room as an example. It’s long, narrow and is the main entryway into my studio, the kitchen, dining area, backyard, our reading area and the itty bitty hallway to the second bedroom & bath. That’s a lot of walkways I have to work with that need open access. It’s also looooong, like almost 30 feet long and just over 12 feet wide. It would feel like

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Arranging Furniture in a 12 foot wide by 24 foot long Living Room

Some ideas for arranging furniture in a long and narrow living room with many entrance doors, archways and windows

Some ideas for arranging furniture in a long and narrow living room with many entrance doors, arch ways and windows

If you possibly are the inhabitant of a row house or town house that was built somewhere around 1890, you could now have a living room that measures about 12 feet wide by 24 feet long. Your living room, back in the day, most likely started out as two 12 foot by 12 foot rooms. One of the rooms was a formal parlor and the other one was a living room. Those two spaces were probably once divided by a non-load bearing wall with pocket doors, or there was an archway. In one or both of the rooms could have been, or still is a wooden or marble mantelpiece, which is a decorative non-working fireplace. I have found that many of my readers have rooms like that which also have

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Feng Shui for Living Room ( 2020)

Decorating the living room is truly an artwork. Furniture, colors, lighting fixtures, art pieces – you want to combine them all in perfect harmony and equipoise.

A harmonious space is more than that. It requires inner balance, which reflects on the outside. Today, we are going to review few Feng Shui principles that can be applied when decorating the living room.

Psychologically, the living room represents the way we are perceived by the outside world, it is the space where we can highlight our place in society and where we can strengthen our capacity to create prosperity and well-being.


If we spend few good hours of our free time in this room, it is obvious that the Feng Shui of this space has a strong influence over the harmony, prosperity and the success of all family members.

Therefore, according to Feng Shui, this is the most appropriate room to be

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Best Designing a Living Room with Dark Wood Floor

There are many designers don’t recommend dark wood floor to be applied in a living room, especially a small one. If you have a small living room, it’s not recommended to have a dark color dominating all over the room like on the floor.

Wood is actually one of the most popular flooring materials for years. For a modern style in today’s home design, using wood flooring is still a material that is well sought after. It’s got natural beauty and a gorgeous look.

Wood is fine with everything but when it’s darker in colors, it could be a problem. You should avoid having dark colors for flooring if the room is not large enough to take it. If the room is large enough, you can balance the dark flooring with the bright walls, ceilings, and furniture.

Why Choosing Dark Wood Floor Over The Light Wood Floor?

Whether it’s

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How to Decorate Your Living Room this 2019 – Interior Decor Trends

How to decorate living room 2019Today I want to share different ideas of How to decorate your living room this 2019, the fashion changes constantly and also in the field of interior decoration. That’s why I want to share ideas for decorating modern living rooms, design tips for small living rooms, we will tell you the best colors for decoration in the living room, photo gallery of living rooms, decoration accessories for living rooms, examples of the latest in decoration trends, such as living room colors, cushions and lamps, how to distribute furniture in living rooms of small houses and many other tips.

If you feel that your living room has already needed a refurbishment, do not hesitate to try any of these incredible ideas for decorating living rooms, I hope you like it very much everything that I share with you because what I’m looking for is to give you options so you can

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