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Types of Rooms in Hotels

Some people travel for adventure, others travel for a relaxing getaway, and even others travel for obligatory reasons. Whatever the reason might be, an important part of any trip is the accommodations. It’s easy to book hotel rooms online, over the phone and even through mobile apps. But before making any reservations, be clear about the kinds of rooms that are available.

Understanding Room Types

No two hotels are the same. What is considered a suite at one hotel could be a basic room at another. Even so, hotel rooms generally fall into distinct categories.

By Beds

Many people book hotel rooms based on the number of beds. A room could have one double bed, two twin beds or two full beds, one queen, one king, one queen and one twin and so forth. While hotels use different phrases to categorize these rooms, they more or less use

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Top 25 Ways to Arrange Furniture in Smaller Rooms

It would be wonderful to live in a large mansion, but most of us are resigned to living in homes with smaller living spaces. If you are staring at a small room and wondering how in the world you are going to make it comfortable and homey, there are a number of solutions for just about any space.

Small rooms are problematic for a number of reasons; the primary issue is that they tend to feel overcrowded and oppressive. This feeling can be magnified if the furniture is not positioned correctly. Your goal when decorating smaller rooms is to create an open and vibrant look to counter this “claustrophobic” impression. Fortunately, there are a number of time-tested tricks for achieving this goal.

Living Room

Arranging furniture to “open up” a small living room is tricky. The first step is to think about the intended use of the room. Will

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18 Ways to Turn Unused Space Into the Rooms You Need

More Space, Same Footprint

Adding over and under your home are both smart ways to increase living space, but there are other creative ways to eke out extra square footage without drastically changing the footprint of your home. Look up, down, and all around, and you may find you have more room for rooms than you think—in the attic, the basement, the garage, or even an underused outbuilding. This Old House has gathered its favorite basement and attic bonus rooms, as well as shed and garage conversions, three-season porches, and more, to help you get inspired to find that hidden space in your home.

From Attic to Suite Retreat

open layout master bedroom with skylight from a remodeled attic

William Enos

Sometimes in the search for more living space there’s no place to look but up. When Alan Koch bought this 1933 cottage in Portland, Oregon, he knew he’d be finishing the 600-square-foot attic sooner rather than later. And since

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Sunken Living Rooms 101: Can the Old Fad Make a Comeback?

Sunken Living Rooms 101: Can the Old Fad Make a Comeback?

Photo: Zillow Digs home in Bellevue, WA

Recessed living areas known as sunken living rooms—and their cozier cousins, conversation pits—spread like wildfire during the 1960s, appearing in newly built houses across the nation. For nearly 20 years, they were the grooviest way to entertain guests or just kick back with the family. They abruptly fell out of fashion, with some homeowners even remodeling to remove them, but with so many homes built during that period featuring a sunken space, you’re still likely to see this fun and funky element on open house tours.

RELATED: 14 Long-Forgotten House Trends We’re Glad are Gone

Step-down living room design can be traced to a visionary architect named Bruce Goff, who incorporated the feature in a home he designed for one of his instructors in 1927. The idea didn’t catch on nationally, however, until it appeared on the set of The Dick Van Dyke

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10 Tips for Styling Large Living Rooms {& Other Awkward Spaces}

10 Tips for Styling Large Living Rooms {& Other Awkward Spaces}House & Home

After recently sharing my tips for styling a small living room, I received a few requests for tips dealing with a larger living rooms! While small living rooms have their own challenges due to their limited space, bigger living areas present their own set of issues. Bigger than average rooms can be wonderful for entertaining, but not as cozy or even functional for day to day living.

So how can you make the best of a large living room? Even if your room is not huge, it can be difficult to furnish if it is awkwardly shaped or connected to another space in some way, so these tips or inspiration photos might apply to a variety of sizes and shapes of rooms or great rooms!

Today I’m sharing 10 of my favorite tips for styling a bigger living room!

10 Tips for Styling Large Living Rooms {& Other Awkward Spaces}Sarah Richardson

1. Designate zones.

In a

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How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Rooms

<p>Interior designer Natalie Riesselman used three walls of color throughout<br> the house shown on these and the following pages. They include a blue-gray<br> (Sherwin-Williams 6200 Link Gray), a reddish brown (Benjamin Moore HC-64<br> Townsend Harbor Brown), a buttery yellow (Sherwin-Williams 6387 Compatible<br> Cream). Millwork and built-ins painted Benjamin Moore White Dove provide<br> crisp boundaries for the wall colors.</p>

Interior designer Natalie Riesselman used three walls of color throughout
the house shown on these and the following pages. They include a blue-gray
(Sherwin-Williams 6200 Link Gray), a reddish brown (Benjamin Moore HC-64
Townsend Harbor Brown), a buttery yellow (Sherwin-Williams 6387 Compatible
Cream). Millwork and built-ins painted Benjamin Moore White Dove provide
crisp boundaries for the wall colors.

Photo by Karin Melvin

When she hears people express a reluctance to paint their rooms in vivid hues because they believe it is inappropriate to the age or architectural style of their house, designer Susan Sargent waves away their concerns as though swatting flies. “I tell them to get over it. Truth is, every period of American architecture has welcomed colorful rooms,” says Sargent, who is known for her bright-colored furnishings line. Indeed, from the blue-painted hearth of a Colonial Revival to the deep red parlor walls of a Queen Anne to

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Living Rooms with Chandelier Ideas

Welcome to our picture gallery of living rooms and dining rooms with chandelier ideas. The living room is typically the most important room in anybody’s home. That’s the place where we all love to hang out, relax and entertain, whether we’re alone or in company of friends or family. A living room that’s well put together should be well organized, comfortably furnished and beautifully decorated. It should also be well-lit.

living room chandeliers

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Lighting design is an important part of living room planning. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing lights for your living room. Opting for a fancy chandelier is probably the best way to go – it’s a great source of ambient lighting and it can be a great accent piece in the center of your living space.

There are many designs to choose from when shopping for

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20 Small TV Rooms That Balance Style with Functionality

There was a time when the television was the focal point of the living room, with every piece of furniture being arranged around it! Many of us TV buffs still tend to do the same, but the modern trend has been to take the TV away from the living room or to hide it completely. While some have taken it to the bedroom and the family room, others have opted for gorgeous and at times stunning media rooms and home theaters that blow you away. It is either an over-the-top home theater, media room or the hidden TV nook that grace most contemporary interiors. So, when did the good ol’ TV room start becoming unnecessary?

Part of the issue with dedicated TV rooms is technology and how ‘media centers’ complete with loads of electronic goodies have replaced the lone TV with cable. Then there is the reduction in costs, which

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Standard Size of Rooms in Residential Building and their Locations

Knowledge of standard size of rooms and their location in a residential building is important for planning of residential construction project. The room sizes and their location provides spaces for movement, sunlight and natural air for residents.

Standard Size of Rooms in Residential Building and their Locations

1. Size of Drawing or Living Room:

Drawing room or living room is a common, comfortable and attractive place for sitting of family members and to receive friends and guests. Sometime it is used as reception room and dining room and special occasions. Drawing room should be located in the middle of the building and should be connected to the front verandah and dining place. It should be well-lighted and ventilated. Standard Size of Rooms in Residential Building Generally, drawing or living room is the biggest room of the building so that it can be utilized for some ceremonial function in the house. Size of the drawing room should be

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Swan and Dolphin Guest Rooms | Dolphin Guest Rooms

Walt Disney World Swan

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort

Walt Disney World Dolphin

Unique Attributes:

  • 360 Square Feet / 33 Square Meters
  • Heavenly Bed
  • Mini Refrigerator

Room Types:

  • Traditional
  • Resort View
  • Epcot View
  • Deluxe

Dolphin Guest Room
Dolphin Guest Room

Dolphin Guest Room
Balcony - Epcot View
Dolphin Guest Room

Dolphin Guest Room
Balcony - Epcot View
Dolphin Guest Room
Balcony – Epcot View

Dolphin Guest Room
Dolphin Guest Room

Request a room with a view!

TAKE A VIRTUAL 360º tour

Our Standard Rooms are the perfect places to relax and recharge after exciting days at the Walt Disney World® theme parks and attractions. A palette of silver, blue, and white is accented by bold splashes of color to create a serene, sophisticated atmosphere, complete with washed maple wood furniture, chrome fixtures, and pearl grey walls. Vibrant blue carpeting, embellished accent pillows, and an abstract painting tastefully contrast neutral tones to

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