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4. Themed Game Room

One of the reasons why we highly recommend you use an entire room as a gaming center is the design freedom you get. Since it is your personal space, you can pretty much design it in any way you want. If you want to really personalize the space and create the best gaming atmosphere, choose the right theme.

Most gamers use their favorite games to theme their video game rooms. You can go vintage and create a Super Mario themed room with elements from the first Mario games released in the 1980s. If you are crazy about racing games, deck out your game room in all the racing posters and paraphernalia you can get your hands on. Same goes if you love swords, fighter jets games and sports games.

Some go beyond gaming to theme their rooms after their favorite movies. So if you have particular leanings toward Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean or Fast and Furious, feel free to theme your game room accordingly. This is especially if your game room also doubles up as a movie room.

5. The Minimalist Den

Video game rooms are often associated with miles of cables running across the room, tech hardware strewn all over and bits and pieces laying around without any apparent organization. For minimalists, this is definitely not a place you want to play in. So what do you do if you love clean minimalist looks but are an ardent video game lover? Just set up the minimalist video game den.

Leave your walls clean and use neutral colors all round. Do not fill up the room with furniture, one comfortable couch or two gaming chairs are plenty. Have adequate and well-placed storage around the room, preferable one that recesses into the wall to maintain the minimalist look. Finally, go wireless. Wherever you can, cut out the cables and opt for wireless hardware.

6. The Attic Game Room

If not down below in the basement, what about up above in the attic? The attic is a great place to set up a video game room. It is secluded and usually spacious. Talk with a contractor about what renovations are needed to convert the attic into a functional video game room.

One issue you have to focus on is temperature control. The attic is often vulnerable to extreme heating in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. We recommend looking at various insulation options for the attic. Again, this is an issue you should discuss with your contractor.

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